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SPORTTIJDEN, Your sportsevents partner

SPORTTIJDEN started in 2010 with the development of an electronic timing system that can be used while swimming in open water. This development was the result of a shortage of jury members during the race that was co-organized by the current owner of SPORTTIJDEN, Hidde Ottens.

For the 2011 swimming season, the collaboration was established with the K.N.Z.B. (Dutch Swimming Federation). As a result of this collaboration, SPORTTIJDEN was from that moment responsible for the Timing during the majority of the open water swimming events.

The swimming association was so satisfied with the services of SPORTTIJDEN that our services were also used during the Dutch Nationals, EC Masters and the LEN-CUP. This was noticed by our southern neighbors, so now there are also several race in Belgium that are provided with electronic timing by SPORTTIJDEN.

In the spring of 2013, Mylaps contacted SPORTTIJDEN. Mylaps was looking for experienced timers who could support them at major events, SPORTTIJDEN was and is still used during various (very) major sporting events, including Rotterdam Marathon, Amsterdam Marathon, Dam-tot-Dam run, AmstelGold race, Ladys Run Rotterdam , etc.

Two years later SPORTTIJDEN and Mylaps will join forces and SPORTTIJDEN will continue as an official partner of Mylaps Sports Timing. By giving more substance to this cooperation, the services can be expanded abroad and there is more knowledge and materials available.

During the summer of 2015, the services of SPORTTIJDEN were requested by Mylaps. A new timer in Dubai had to be trained and supported during its first events. The result of this became a full collaboration with Hopasports. During the winter period in the Netherlands, SPORTTIJDEN can be found a lot in the Middle East to provide races with time registration.